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Most people desire to have a comfortable place they can call home. Whether rented or fully owned, how you furnish your house has an impact on just how homely your place becomes. Furniture is a big part of any interior furnishing endeavour. Even without a lot of soft furnishings and accessories, the furniture used in a room can fully define the space, giving it layers of personality and feel. Given this huge impact that furniture has on space, it is important to take your time when choosing your furniture so that you only buy that which brings out the best in the room. Vancouver boasts of hundreds of reputable furniture stores, home to the finest range of furniture are that you can find in Canada. Shopping for furniture in Vancouver is nothing less than exhilarating and eye opening. It doesn't matter whether you walk into a renowned furniture retail chain store or into a small, corner store; there is a general sense of exclusivity and quality across furniture stores in Vancouver that you don't get in many places.

Every furniture style is well represented here. From the evergreen traditional furniture to rustic vintage, timeless country, captivating contemporary and stunning shabby chic, you can buy your desired furniture style with ease in many stores.

Traditional furniture
Traditional furniture comes mainly in wood and metal. Traditional solid wood or iron dining sets, armchairs, tables, bar and kitchen stools, bookcases, beds, and armoires are the most common forms of furniture you're likely to come across during your shopping spree. This furniture has an unmistakeable stream of quality and is best defined by its elaborate curves and ornate detailing. Traditional furniture is often well complemented by modern decor and accessories. Using it in a room is an effective way of merging the old with the new. If you would like to go all out with a traditional decor theme, pick traditional wall colours and drapes, rugs, and other soft furnishings in traditional colours for a look that is well-put-together.

Contemporary furniture
Contemporary furniture has to be the most commonplace in the city, with every Vancouver furniture store varying at least one or two contemporary furniture lines. Some specialize solely on contemporary furniture, which is not surprising given the high demand for this type of furniture. The single factor which makes modern and contemporary furniture such a big hit with a large percentage of the population is the fact that it is designed to go with today's fast paced lifestyle. This furniture is designed to look simple yet polished. At a time when complicated systems dominate the human race, the simple elegance of contemporary furniture is a welcome breath of fresh air. This is the only furniture with the biggest leeway when it comes to materials, with available options ranging from solid wood, artificial woods, metal, plastic, mesh, leather, fabric, and polyurethane among others. There is also greater flexibility when it comes to the shape and form of furniture, as can be seen from the diverse varieties of unorthodox shapes and designs of furniture in the market today. As a result, contemporary furniture finds its way into homes, offices, learning institutions, and all kinds of commercial premises.

Antique furniture
Antique furniture, vintage furniture, country furniture, modern mid-century furniture, transitional furniture, shabby chic furniture, urban furniture, chic furniture, and trendy furniture are the other furniture styles you're likely to come across in Vancouver. While using these exclusively in an interior space will have an extraordinary effect, they also blend very well with both the traditional and contemporary decor. Finding enough furniture in these styles to fully furnish a room, and in your desired design, may be a bit challenging, given that they are not as commonplace as the two furniture styles discussed above. But this should not be a problem because the unique form of this furniture makes even one item stand out in a room. All you may need to lend a rustic feel to your living room, for instance, is only one antique table or chair. Surround it with furniture in other styles and it will still retain its vintage charm. A number of furniture stores specialize in selling antique, vintage, country, mid-century modern, and transitional furniture. These are the best stores to find these rather rare items at good prices. The variety and selection here is also greater. Furniture styles like shabby chic, urban, trendy and chic can be found in these respective sections at large furniture stores. You can also buy them in specialist stores where they are sold exclusively.

Home furniture
Home furniture occupies the largest space in any Vancouver furniture store, and it's not hard to see why. This type of furniture easily has the largest number of constituent items. Sold by room, Vancouver's home furniture is everything you need to enjoy a luxurious personal space. From living room sets to dining room furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom sets, bathroom furniture, patio furniture and hallway furniture, every kind of furniture needed to create a comfortable living space is found here. Buy your home furniture in sets or in singular units, whichever you desire. Furniture sets allow you to create a symmetrical look in the room, while individual furniture units give you the chance to play around with different designs for a truly personalized look.

Office furniture
Office furniture, yet another of the high selling furniture types in Canada, is available in a wide range in Vancouver. It comes in two broad categories: traditional and modern, even though a growing number of trendy office furniture is finding its way into the market. The highest volume of office furniture is made from steel, aluminum, engineered wood, mesh, plastic, fabric, and polyurethane, with leather and wood wood almost solely used on executive chairs and tables, office lounge seating and select desks and storage. Items you can buy for your office space include office desk and chair combos, workstations, computer desks, corner desks, filing cabinets, wall cabinets, bookcases, display cabinets, media consoles, reception desks and chairs, conference tables and chairs, and trolleys. Demand for ergonomic office furniture in Vancouver is at an all time high. You can buy ergonomic desks, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, sit-stand chairs, and treadmill chairs in many stores specializing in office products.

Patio furniture
For outdoor furniture, shop at any leading Vancouver garden furniture shop. The biggest retailers of outdoor furniture sell outdoor settings exclusively, and often have unique items in exquisite designs and shapes. Many furniture stores also have a section dealing with outdoor furniture where you can find a number of fitting settings for your garden, patio, back yard, balcony or terrace. Available products include outdoor dining suites, outdoor lounge suites, garden couches, sofas, sun loungers, bar stools, ottomans, benches, poolside furniture, hammocks, slides, gazebos, and swings. These are mostly made from wood, wrought iron, stainless steel, cane, rattan, bamboo, plastic, and fabric. Traditional style outdoor furniture is popular with many home owners because of how strongly it enriches the ambience of any outdoor space. Its elaborate designs and conspicuous detailing will give your outdoors a welcoming feel. Contemporary patio furniture comes in a broad selection of shapes, designs, and colours. Many manufacturers give a wide colour choice, making it possible for buyers to customize the outdoor living space settings in their favorite colour.

Kids' furniture
Let your kids enjoy the thrills of young life with the captivating kids' furniture sold in Vancouver furniture stores. Sourced from top furniture makers and companies in Canada and around the world, this furniture meets all safety regulations as specified in the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and Toys Regulations. Furniture stores and kids' furniture stores stock a wide range of toddler beds, cribs, bunk beds, decker beds, loft beds, captain beds, storage beds, study desks and chairs, high chairs, children's dressers, chests, wardrobes, bookcases, storage boxes, dollhouses and playhouses that your child will find fascinating. They come in fancy shapes, designs and colours, and can be matched to be existing decor in your child's room. The sizes differ too, from small units meant for kids up to 2 years old and large sets suitable for teenagers.

Vancouver has a vibrant furniture market. It hosts some of the biggest names in the Canada furniture world and has birthed strong brands with a growing influence in the city and nation. Check in at any of these furniture stores for the latest furniture designs as well as some exclusive designer furniture. There is plenty to choose from in each category, whether home furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, or kids' furniture. There is furniture for every design theme and decor, whatever your style. Match your furniture to your interior design style for a coordinated look that brings out your sense of style. There are sofas, couches, tables, counters, chairs, beds, and dressers in the right colours, textures, materials, sizes, and shapes to complement your style.