Furniture Rental Vancouver

Looking for professional furniture rental companies in Vancouver? Short and longer periods, lease to own options, and event rental services are available. These companies offer more time-efficient services at affordable rates, with a wide selection of designer, traditional, and high-end furniture to choose from.

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Town Rent Vancouver

Town Rent Vancouver is one of the professional rentals in Vancouver, that offer you the right furniture according to your desire like for your home, office, or for a movie set. Their inventory includes hundreds of desks, chairs, t...
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Furnishings By Corey

Furnishings By Corey is one of the experienced firms in the rental business in Vancouver that strives hard to provide quality rental furniture at a competitive price. They provide you cutting edge furniture designs along with excl...
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Rent Fluff

Rent Fluff is offering you their extensive collections of exclusive contemporary furniture, art and accessories for rent or for purchase. They are renowned and leading property styling, furniture rental and home staging in Vancouv...
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Lounge Works

Lounge Works is the biggest furniture rentals and largest supplier of lounge and banquet rental furniture in Western Canada to the hospitality, event and trade show markets. Whatever your decor need may be they can fulfill all you...
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GranTree Rentals

GranTree is one of the best furniture rentals in Canada that provide you their wide range of furniture for rent or for purchase. They rent furniture, mattresses and electronics items such as TVs, big screen TVs, DVDs and VCRs for ...
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Ready Set Show

If you are looking for best rentals in Vancouver, Canada, visit the online store of Ready Set Show, as they are leading furniture rentals. At their store, you can find a range of stylish products including beds, coffee tables, des...
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Rental Centre

If you desire to get furniture on rent for your residential places, visit the Rental Centre, as they are well-known rentals in all across the Canada. They can offer you their huge range of furniture, appliances, electronics and co...